Wrathchild...be thy name

Jan 31st - The Duke of Devonshire (Belper)
Mar 6th - The Duke of Devonshire (Belper)
May 1st - The Duke of Devonshire (Belper)
Jun 26th - The Duke of Devonshire (Belper)
Jul 1st - The Vic Inn (Derby)
Jul 3rd - "Private party" (Turnditch)
Aug 27th - Nags head and plough (Stapleford)
Sep 2nd - The Newcastle (Nottingham)
Oct 2nd - White Swan (Belper)
Nov 6th - "Private Party" (Derby)
Nov 25th - The Newcastle (Nottingham)

Jan 15th - The Chequers Inn (Breaston)
Feb 11th - Nags head and plough (Stapleford)
23rd Apr - The Midland (Stapleford)
May 21st - The Greyhound (Beeston)
Jun 4th - The Barrow Boy (Chesterfield)
Jun 25th - The Chequers Inn (Breaston)
Jul 2nd - The Social Club (Ilkeston)
Jul 23rd - The Whitemoor (Bobbers Mill)
Jul 29th - The Midland (Stapleford)
Jul 30th - The Tiger Inn (Long Eaton)
Aug 6th - The Kingsway (Kirkby in Ashfield)
Aug 12th - Branaghans (Long Eaton)
Aug 13th - The Corner Pin (Donnignton Le Heath)
Aug 19th - Jolly Anglers (Beeston)
Aug 20th - The Chequers Inn (Breaston)
Aug 27th - Railway Inn (Sileby)
Aug 29th - Soldiers and Sailors (Long Eaton)
Sep 3rd - The Pelican (Bilborough)
Sep 16th - The Corner Pin (Donnington Le Heath)
Sep 17th - The Greyhound (Beeston)
Sep 24th - Bentinck Miners Welfare (Kirkby in Ashfield)
Nov 5th - The Midland (Stapleford)
Nov 12th - The Kingsway (Kirkby in Ashfield)
Nov 26th - Railway Inn (Sileby)
Dec 10th - The Harrow Inn (Boughton)
Dec 17th - Cleethorpes WMC (Cleethorpes)
Dec 23rd - Jolly Anglers (Beeston)
Dec 31st - Gainsborough Blues Club (Gainsborough)

Jan 28th - The Chequers Inn (Breaston)
Feb 4th - The Boundary (South Normanton)
Feb 10th - Tappers Harker (Long Eaton)
Feb 11th - Noah's Ark (Borrowash)
Feb 18th - The Midland (Stapleford)
Mar 4th - Rose and Crown (Draycott)
Mar 11th - The Hemsworth (Pontefract)
Mar 25th - East Kirkby Miner's Welfare (Kirkby in Ashfield)
Mar 31st - Jolly Anglers (Beeston)
Apr 8th - Cleethorpes WMC (Cleethorpes)
Apr 15th - The Midland (Stapleford)
Apr 21st - The Cow (Beeston)
Apr 22nd - The Chequers Inn (Breaston)
Apr 28th - Drawbridge Inn (Solihull)
Apr 29th - Davy Lamp (Ilkeston)
May 6th - The Beeches WMC (Pontefract)
May 20th - The Lonsdale (Thurmaston)
May 26th - Jolly Anglers (Beeston)
May 27th - The Tiger Inn (Long Eaton)
Jun 3rd - Spondon Liberal Club (Spondon)
Jun 5th - Grimethorpe WMC (Grimethorpe)
Jun 17th - The Midland (Stapleford)
Jun 24th - Forest Town Welfare (Mansfield)
Jul 1st - The Sun Hotel (Gainsborough)
Jul 15th - Top Spot (Carlton)
Jul 19th - Inn the middle (Langley Mill)
Jul 22nd - The Chequers Inn (Breaston)
Aug 12th - Fantasy Island (Ingoldmells)
Aug 19th - Cleethorpes WMC (Cleethorpes)
Aug 25th - Jolly Anglers (Beeston)
Aug 26th - Calverton WMC (Calverton)
Aug 28th - Soldiers and Sailors (Long Eaton)
Sep 7th - Blarmey Stone (Scunthorpe)
Sep 9th - Rose and Crown (Draycott)
Sep 16th - Stadium Leisure (Basford)
Sep 22nd - Liberty's (Gainsborough)
Sep 23rd - Club 19 (Cheadle)
Sep 29th - Private party (Calverton)
Sep 30th - The Chequers Inn (Breaston)
Oct 13th - Harrington Arms (Long Eaton)
Oct 14th - Travellers rest (Draycott)
Oct 21st - Drawbridge Inn (Solihull)
Oct 27th - The Cow (Beeston)
Oct 28th - Bentinck Miner's Welfare (Kirkby in Ashfield)
Nov 4th - Davy Lamp (Ilkeston)
Nov 11th - The Greyhound (Beeston)
Nov 17th - Soldiers and Sailors (Sawley / Long Eaton)
Nov 18th - Coach and Horses (Draycott)
Nov 20th - Half Crown (Long Eaton)
Nov 24th - Jolly Anglers (Beeston)
Nov 25th - Charlton Arms (Chilwell)
Dec 1st - Private Party (Hucknall)
Dec 9th - The Chequers Inn (Breaston)
Dec 16th - The Boundary (South Normanton)
Dec 23rd - Strelley Social Club (Strelley)
Dec 30th - Top Spot (Carlton)
Dec 31st - Calverton WMC (Calverton)

Jan 6th - The Midland (Stapleford)
Jan 13th - Spondon Liberal Club (Spondon)
Jan 14th - Melbourne Hotel - (Melbourne)
Jan 20th - White Lion (Beeston)
Jan 26th - Breaston Victory Club (Breaston)
Jan 29th - Half Crown (Long Eaton)
Feb 9th - The Porchester (Mapperley)
Feb 10th - The Greyhound (Beeston)
Feb 16th - The Cow (Beeston)
Mar 2nd - Stage One (Long Eaton)
Mar 3rd - East Kirkby Miners Welfare (Kirkby in Ashfield)
Mar 9th - The Midland (Stapleford)
Mar 10th - Charlton Arms (Chilwell)
Mar 16th - Jolly Anglers (Beeston)
Mar 17th - Railway Tavern (Hatton)
Mar 24th - Private Party (Barnstaple)
Mar 31st - Stadium Leisure (Basford)
Apr 7th - The Chequers Inn (Breaston)
Apr 14th - Black Bull (Stamford)
Apr 20th - The Ladybrook (Mansfield)
Apr 21st - Spondon Conservative Club (Spondon)
Apr 27th - The Davy Lamp (Ilkeston)
Apr 28th - The Midland (Stapleford)
May 4th - Breaston Victory Club (Breaston)
May 5th - Carter Lane WMC (Shirebrook)
May 11th - Walkley WMC (Walkley)
May 12th - Happy Days (Chapel St Leonards)
May 18th - The Carlton Hotel (Carlton)
May 19th - Tiger Inn (Long Eaton)
May 26th - Alfreton Town Football Club (Alfreton)
May 28th - Half Crown (Long Eaton)
June 2nd - Charlton Arms (Chilwell)
June 16th - The Boundary (South Normanton)
June 22nd - Jolly Anglers (Beeston)
June 23rd - The Chequers Inn (Breaston)
July 6th - Warsop Ex-service mens club (Warsop)
July 7th - Corby Trades & Labour Club (Corby)
July 14th - Railway Tavern (Hatton)
July 21st - Top Spot (Carlton)
July 28th - The Greyhound (Beeston)
Aug 4th - Happy Days (Chapel St Leonards)
Aug 11th - Bentinck Miners Welfare (Kirkby in Ashfield)
Aug 18th - Silver Fox (Stocksbridge)
Aug 25th - Eastwood Victory Club (Eastwood)
Aug 27th - Soldiers and Sailors (Long Eaton / Sawley)
Aug 31st - Danish Invader (Stamford)
Sept 1st - The Greyhound (Beeston)
Sept 8th - Fantasy Island (Ingoldmells)
Sept 13th - London Inn (Stamford)
Sept 15th - The Chequers Inn (Breaston)
Sept 21st - Jessop Arms (Codnor)
Sept 22nd - Half Crown (Long Eaton)
Sept 27th - Top Spot (Carlton)
Sept 28th - Jolly Anglers (Beeston)
Sept 29th - Devonshire Arms (Somercotes)
Oct 13th - The Woodlark Inn (Lambley)
Oct 20th - Tiger Inn (Long Eaton)
Oct 27th - Beechdale (Nottingham)
Nov 2nd - Walkley WMC (Walkley)
Nov 3rd - Stadium Leisure (Basford)
Nov 17th - Deeping Stage (Market Deeping)
Nov 23rd - Ashfield (Kirkby in Ashfield)
Nov 24th - The Three Horseshoes (Beeston)
Nov 25th - The Borough Arms (Ilkeston)
Dec1st - Calverton WMC (Calverton)
Dec 7th - Kirk Hallam Social Club (Kirk Hallam)
Dec 8th - The Greyhound (Beeston)
Dec 21st - Danish Invader (Stamford)
Dec 22nd - Spondon Liberal Club (Spondon)
Dec 24th - Railway Tavern (Hatton)
Dec 28th - Jolly Anglers (Beeston)
Dec 29th - Private Party (Borrowash)
Dec 31st - Forest Town Welfare (Mansfield)

Jan 10th - Top Spot (Carlton)
Jan 19th - Silver Fox (Stocksbridge)
Jan 26th - Borough Arms (Ilkeston)
Jan 31st - London Inn (Stamford)
Feb 2nd - Alfreton Town FC (Alfreton)
Feb 16th - Victoria Inn (Staveley)
Feb 17th - Soldiers and Sailors (Sawley/Long Eaton)
Feb 22nd - Equalized Club (Stapleford)
Mar 1st - The Boundary (South Normanton)
Mar 15th - The Railway (Matlock)
Mar 21st - Jessop Arms (Codnor)
Mar 22nd - Spondon Conservative Club (Spondon)
Mar 28th - White Lion (Sawley)
Mar 29th - Shardlow Marina (Shardlow)
Apr 12th - The Greyhound (Beeston)
Apr 18th - White Lion (Beeston)
Apr 19th - The Chequers Inn (Breaston)
Apr 25th - The Black Horse (Somercotes)
Apr 26th - Half Crown (Long Eaton)
May 2nd - The Tiger Inn (Long Eaton)
May 3rd - Nags Head (Clay Cross)
May 9th - Rendezvous (Matlock)
May 10th - New White Bull (Eastwood)
May 17th - The Old Club (Stainforth)
May 22nd - Mail Coach (Newark)
May 23rd - Happy Days (Chapel St Leonards)
May 24th - New Venture Club (Beeston)
May 25th - Barge and Bottle (Sleaford)
May 31st - The Kestrel (Marehay)
June 14th - The Swan (Measham)
June 20th - Mail Coach (Newark)
June 21st - Spondon Liberal Club (Spondon)
June 27th - White Lion (Sawley)
June 28th - Butchers Arms (Brimington)
July 4th - The Robin (Mickleover)
July 5th - The Silver Fox (Stocksbridge)
July 11th - Mail Coach (Newark)
July 12th - The Greyhound (Beeston)
July 19th - Stadium Leisure (Basford)
July 26th - The Tiger Inn (Long Eaton)
July 27th - The Swan (Measham)
July 28th - Club Tropicana (Chapel St Leonards)
Aug 1st - Jessop Arms (Codnor)
Aug 2nd - Marina Bar at Billing Aquadrome (Northamptonshire)
Aug 8th - Half Crown (Long Eaton)
Aug 9th - Chequers Inn (Breaston)
Aug 15th - Rendezvous (Matlock)
Aug 16th - The Sportsman (Long Eaton)
Aug 22nd - New White Bull (Eastwood)
Aug 24th - Nags Head (Borrowash)
Aug 25th - Soldiers and Sailors (Sawley / Long Eaton)
Aug 29th - The Venue (Stocksbridge)
Aug 30th - The Villager (South Normanton)
Sept 5th - Equalized Club (Stapleford)
Sept 6th - The Wyggeston (Burton upon Trent)
Sept 12th - George and Dragon (Ashbourne)
Sept 13th - The Kestrel (Marehay)
Sept 19th - Mail Coach (Newark)
Sept 20th - The Swan (Measham)
Oct 11th - Ellistown WMC (Ellistown)
Oct 12th - Westminster Recreation Club (Doncaster)
Oct 17th - White Lion (Bulkington)
Oct 18th - The Greyhound (Beeston)
Oct 19th - Calverton Miners Welfare (Calverton)
Oct 25th - Butchers Arms (Brimington)
Oct 30th - Top Spot (Carlton)
Nov 7th - Forest Town Welfare (Mansfield)
Nov 8th - The Robin (Mickleover)
Nov 15th - Nethergreen WMC (Killamarsh - Sheffield)
Nov 27th - Old Wine Vaults (Eastwood)
Nov 28th - New White Bull (Eastwood)
Nov 29th - Bentinck Miners Welfare (Kirkby in Ashfield)
Dec 5th - Mail Coach (Newark)
Dec 6th - Chequers Inn (Breaston)
Dec 12th - Riley's (Long Eaton)
Dec 13th - The Greyhound (Beeston)
Dec 19th - The George (Blaby)
Dec 20th - New Venture Club (Beeston)
Dec 26th - Nags Head (Borrowash)
Dec 27th - The Robin (Mickleover)
Dec 31st - Spondon Conservative Club (Spondon)

Jan 3rd - Nags Head (Clay Cross)
Jan 9th - Mail Coach (Newark)
Jan 10th - The Villager (South Normanton)
Jan 23rd - The Malt Shovel (Beeston)
Jan 24th - The Wyggeston (Burton upon trent)
Jan 30th - George and Dragon (Ashbourne)
Jan 31st - Hen Lane & District Social Club (Coventry)
Feb 6th - Half Crown (Long Eaton)
Feb 7th - The Beekeeper (Chilwell)
Feb 14th - White Swan (Littleover)
Feb 20th - The Boundary (South Normanton)
Feb 21st - The Tiger (Long Eaton)
Mar 7th - Chequers Inn (Hucknall)
Mar 12th - Casa Night Club (Stafford)
Mar 14th - Calverton WMC (Calverton)
Mar 15th - The Borough Arms (Ilkeston)
Mar 19th - The Factory (Long Eaton)
Mar 20th - Rendezvous (Matlock)
Mar 21st - Chequers Inn (Breaston)
Mar 28th - The Loxley (Mansfield Woodhouse)
Apr 3rd - Jolly Friar (Blidworth)
Apr 10th - Jessop Arms (Codnor)
Apr 11th - Peterborough Post Office Club (Peterborough)
Apr 17th - George and Dragon (Ashbourne)
Apr 18th - Stadium Leisure (Basford)
Apr 23rd - White Lion (Sawley)
Apr 25th - The Robin (Mickleover)
May 2nd - Sileby WMC (Sileby)
May 3rd - The Half Crown (Long Eaton)
May 9th - The Grapes (Melton Mowbray)
May 15th - The Malt Shovel (Beeston)
May 16th - Nags Head (Clay Cross)
May 23rd - Eastwood View WMC (Rotherham)
May 25th - The Villager (South Normanton)
June 5th - The Nags Head (Borrowash)
June 6th - The Beekeeper (Chilwell)
June 7th - Cotgrave Welfare (Cotgrave)
June 20th - Alfreton Town Football Club (Alfreton)
June 27th - New Venture Club (Beeston)
June 28th - Spinney Hill Social Club (Leicester)
July 3rd - The Half Crown (Long Eaton)
July 4th - The Cutler (North Anston - Sheffield)
July 5th - Kingswood Arms (Nuneaton)
July 11th - Charlton Arms (Chilwell)
July 16th - The Factory (Long Eaton)
July 18th - the Chequers Inn (Breaston)
July 25th - The Lurcher (Rainworth)
Aug 7th - Malt Shovel (Beeston)
Aug 8th - The Villager (South Normanton)
Aug 14th - George and Dragon (Ashbourne)
Aug 15th - Holmewood MW (Holmewood)
Aug 21st - Jessop Arms (Codnor)
Aug 22nd - The Robin (Mickleover)
Aug 28th - The Beekeeper (Chilwell)
Aug 29th - Sherwin Arms (Stapleford)
Aug 30th - Nags Head (Borrowash)
Sept 11th - Ravensdale Hotel (Mansfield)
Sept 12th - Butchers Arms (Brimington)
Sept 25th - Bridge Inn (Sandiacre)
Sept 26th - Nags Head (Clay Cross)
Oct 2nd - The Chequers (Beeston)
Oct 3rd - The Empire (Hucknall)
Oct 9th - Rendezvous (Matlock)
Oct 10th - Chilwell Manor Golf Club (Chilwell)
Oct 15th- Top Spot (Carlton)
Oct 16th - Old Royal Oak (Burton upon Trent)
Oct 17th - The Old Horse (Leicester)
Oct 23rd - Bridge Inn (Sandiacre)
Oct 24th - Bentinck Miners Welfare (Kirkby in Ashfield)
Oct 31st - The Wyggeston (Burton upon Trent)
Nov 7th - Private Function (Stapleford)
Nov 19th - The Factory (Long Eaton)
Nov 21st - Nags Head (Clay Cross)
Nov 28th - Stadium Leisure (Basford)
Dec 4th - Westminster Recreational Club (Doncaster)
Dec 5th - Spondon Conservative Club (Spondon)
Dec 11th - Equalized Club (Stapleford)
Dec 12th - Basford Hall Miners Welfare (Cinderhill)
Dec 18th - Malt Shovel (Beeston)
Dec 19th - The Robin (Mickleover)
Dec 24th - Charlton Arms (Chilwell)
Dec 27th - Malt Shovel (Shardlow)
Dec 31st - Fife Street WMC (Nuneaton)

Jan 2nd - Calverton WMC (Calverton)
Jan 8th - Rendezvous (Matlock)
Jan 9th - The Chequers Inn (Breaston)
Jan 16th - The Villager (South Normanton)
Jan 23rd - Royal Oak (Long Eaton)
Jan 29th - Chequers Inn (Chilwell)
Jan 30th - Ellistown WMC (Ellistown)
Feb 6th - The Old Horse (Leicester)
Feb 12th - The Ravensdale (Mansfield)
Feb 13th - Sherwin Arms (Bramcote)
Feb 14th - Calverton Miners Welfare (Calverton)
Feb 19th - George and Dragon (Ashbourne)
Feb 20th - Spondon Liberal Club (Spondon)
Feb 21st - Bedworth Liberal Club (Bedworth)
Feb 25th - The Factory (Long Eaton)
Feb 26th - Rose and Crown (Chellaston)
Feb 27th - Mansfield Woodhouse Ex-servicemens Club (Mansfield Woodhouse)
Mar 6th - The Robin (Mickleover)
Mar 7th - Forest Town Welfare (Mansfield)
Mar 12th - Jessop Arms (Codnor)
Mar13th - Unwin Club (Sutton in Ashfield)
Mar 19th - King William (Countesthorpe)
Mar 20th - Old Marina Bar & Restaurant (Shardlow)
Mar 25th - Top Spot (Carlton)
Mar 26th - The Lockstone (Long Eaton)
Mar 27th - Equalized Club (Stapleford)
Apr 3rd - Chequers Inn (Breaston)
Apr 8th - The Borough Arms (Ilkeston)
Apr 9th - The Boundary (South Normanton)
Apr 10th - Bedworth Liberal Club (Bedworth)
Apr 17th - Bentinck Miners Welfare (Kirkby in Ashfield)
Apr 23rd - Bridge Inn (Sandiacre)
Apr 24th - Sileby WMC (Sileby)
Apr 25th - Bird In Hand (Measham)
May 1st - Private Function (Chellaston)
May 2nd - The Lockstone (Long Eaton)
May 3rd - Bridge Inn (Sandiacre)
May 8th - Stadium Leisure (Basford)
May 14th - George & Dragon (Ashbourne)
May 15th - The Bar (Beeston)
May 28th - The Peacock (Clifton)
May 29th - The Wyggeston (Burton upon Trent)
May 31st - Old Marina Bar & Restaurant (Shardlow)
Jun 4th - Westminster Recreational Club (Doncaster)
Jun 5th - Private Function (Long Eaton)
Jun 17th - Top Spot (Carlton)
Jun 19th - Chequers Inn (Breaston)
Jun 25th - The Wolds (West Bridgford)
Jun 26th - Private Function (Ashbourne)
July 3rd - The Robin (Mickleover)
July 8th - Shirebrook Ex Servicemens Club (Shirebrook)
July 9th - Private Function (Chilwell)
July 10th - Alfreton Town FC Supporters Club (Alfreton)
July 17th - The Chase Hotel (Nuneaton)
July 23rd - Bird in Hand (Measham)
July 24th - Equalized Club (Stapleford)
July 30th - The Lockstone (Long Eaton)
July 31st - Old Mill Club (Stapleford)
Aug 4th - Mexborough WMC (Mexborough)
Aug 6th - The Crew (Nuneaton)
Aug 7th - The Villager (South Normanton)
Aug 8th - Fife Street WMC (Nuneaton)
Aug 13th - Charlton Arms (Chilwell)
Aug 14th - Holmewood MW (Holmewood)
Aug 21st - Mosborough MW (Sheffield)
Aug 22nd - Bedworth Liberal Club (Bedworth)
Aug 28th - Ecclesfield WMC (Sheffield)
Aug 30th - Soldiers & Sailors (Long Eaton)
Sept 3rd - Nags Head & Plough (Stapleford)
Sept 4th - Chequers Inn (Breaston)
Sept 10th - Jessop Arms (Codnor)
Sept 17th - The Bridge Inn (Sandiacre)
Sept 18th - Private Function (Derby)
Sept 25th - Private Function (Sawley)
Oct 1st - Alfreton Snooker Club (Alfreton)
Oct 2nd - Burlington Club (Rotherham)
Oct 8th - The Boundary (South Normanton)
Oct 9th - Chilwell Manor Golf Club (Chilwell)
Oct 10th - Bedworth Liberal Club (Bedworth)
Oct 15th - The Lockstone (Long Eaton)
Oct 16th - Spondon Conservative Club (Spondon)
Oct 22nd - Griff & Coton Sports Club (Nuneaton)
Oct 23rd - The Bar (Beeston)
Oct 30th - The Old Horse (Leicester)
Nov 5th - The Lockstone (Long Eaton)
Nov 6th - Sileby WMC (Sileby)
Nov 12th - Hose Village Hall (Hose)
Nov 13th - Carter Lane WMC (Shirebrook)
Nov 19th - Westminster Recreational Club (Doncaster)
Nov 20th - The Villager (South Normanton)
Nov 26th - Private Function (Derby)
Dec 3rd - Stumble Inn (Long Eaton)
Dec 4th - Chequers Inn (Breaston)
Dec 5th - Griff & Coton Sports Club (Nuneaton)
Dec 10th - Sheffield Lane WMC (Sheffield)
Dec 11th - Bentinck MW (Kirkby in Ashfield)
Dec 17th - Bridge Inn (Sandiacre)
Dec 18th - Ye Olde Spa Inn (Derby)
Dec 19th - Bedworth Liberal Club (Bedworth)
Dec 24th - Old Mill Club (Stapleford)
Dec 27th - Half Crown (Long Eaton)
Dec 29th - Malt Shovel (Shardlow)
Dec 31st - Fife Street WMC (Nuneaton)

Jan 8th - Equalized Club (Stapleford)
Jan 15th - Old Marina Bar & Restaurant (Shardlow)
Jan 16th - Soldiers & Sailors (Long Eaton)
Jan 21st - Private Function (Long Eaton)
Jan 22nd - The Wyggeston (Burton upon Trent)
Jan 27th - Casa Night Club (Stafford)
Jan 28th - The Lockstone (Long Eaton)
Jan 29th - The Bar (Beeston)
Feb 4th - Bird in Hand (Measham)
Feb 5th - Boot & Slipper (Swanwick)
Feb 11th - Jessop Arms (Codnor)
Feb 12th - Shirebrook British Legion (Shirebrook)
Feb 18th - The Boat & Horses (Beeston)
Feb 19th - Melton Mowbray RBL (Melton Mowbray)
Feb 20th - The Old Goose (Bedworth)
Feb 25th - Griff & Coton Sports Social Club (Nuneaton)
Feb 26th - Private Function (Nuneaton)
Mar 5th - Thurmaston Progressive Club (Leicester)
Mar 7th - Half Crown (Long Eaton)
Mar 11th - Private Function (Western On Trent)
Mar 12th - Stockingford Sports & Social Club (Stockingford)
Mar 13th - Bedworth Liberal Club (Bedworth) (4pm Start)
Mar 19th - Sherwin Arms (Bramcote)
Mar 24th - The Box Office (Long Eaton)
Mar 25th - The Bridge Inn (Sandiacre)
Mar 26th - Market Tavern (Sutton in Ashfield)
Apr 1st - The Lockstone (Long Eaton)
Apr 2nd - Newfoundpool WMC (Leicester)
Apr 3rd - The Old Goose (Bedworth)
Apr 8th - Stockingford AA Pavilion (Stockingford)
Apr 9th - Private Function (Long Eaton)
Apr 14th - Top Spot (Carlton)
Apr 15th - Stadium Leisure (Basford)
Apr 16th - Albany Social Club (Coventry)
Apr 22nd - The Corn Mill (Chilwell)
Apr 23rd - Charlton Arms (Chilwell)
Apr 24th - Old Marina Bar & Restaurant (Shardlow)
Apr 25th - The Bridge Inn (Sandiacre)
Apr 28th - Chetwynd Barracks (Chilwell)
Apr 29th - Enderby & District Social Club (Leicester)
Apr 30th - The Bar (Beeston)
May 2nd - Half Crown (Long Eaton)
May 5th - The Talbot (Mansfield)
May 6th - Bedworth Liberal Club (Bedworth)
May 7th - Fife Street WMC (Nuneaton)
May 14th - Chilwell Manor Golf Club (Chilwell)
May 21st - Eyres Monsell WMC (Leicester)
May 27th - The Arrow (Arnold)
May 28th - Private Function (Draycott)
May 29th - Private Function (Stapleford)
May 30th - Old Marina Bar & Restaurant (Shardlow)
June 3rd - Bid in Hand (Measham)
June 4th - Calverton WMC (Calverton)
June 11th - Equalized Club (Stapleford)
June 17th - The Lockstone (Long Eaton)
June 18th - Sileby WMC (Sileby)
June 24th - The George & Dragon (Ashbourne)
June 25th - The Wyggeston (Burton upon Trent)
June 26th - The Old Goose (Bedworth)
July 29th - Stockingford AA Pavilion (Stockingford)
July 30th - Boot & Slipper (Swanwick)
July 31st - Private Function
Aug 1st - Half Crown (Long Eaton)
Aug 5th - The Bridge Inn (Sandiacre)
Aug 12th - The Ravensdale (Mansfield)
Aug 13th - Market Tavern (Sutton in Ashfield)
Aug 19th - Bank (Spondon)
Aug 20th - The Bar (Beeston)
Aug 25th - Private Function (Alfreton)
Aug 26th - Jessop Arms (Codnor)
Aug 27th - The Lockstone (Long Eaton)
Aug 28th - Sherwin Arms (Bramcote)
Aug 29th - Malt Shovel (Shardlow)
Sep 2nd - Private Function (Sileby)
Sep 3rd - Fife Street WMC (Nuneaton)
Sep 9th - The Crown Inn (Selston)
Sep 10th - Newbold WMC (Chesterfield)
Sep 11th - Bedworth Liberal Club (Bedworth)
Sep 17th - Private Function (Long Eaton)
Sep 24th - Chequers Inn (Breaston)
Sep 30th - Malt Shovel (Beeston)
Oct 1st - The Tudor Inn (Castle Donington)
Oct 7th - Stadium Leisure (Basford)
Oct 8th - The Villager (South Normanton)
Oct 14th - Stockingford AA Pavilion (Stockingford)
Oct 15th - Stanley Street Sports & Social Club (Worksop)
Oct 21st - The Bridge Inn (Sandiacre)
Oct 22nd - Private Function (Long Eaton)
Oct 27th - Bar Casa (Stafford) (10:30pm start)
Oct 28th - The Lockstone (Long Eaton)
Oct 29th - The Wyggeston (Burton upon Trent)
Nov 3rd - Cage (Long Eaton)
Nov 4th - Old Marina Bar & Restaurant (Shardlow)
Nov 5th - The Midland (Stapleford)
Nov 11th - Boot & Slipper (Swanwick)
Nov 12th - Burlington Club (Rotherham)
Nov 18th - The Bank (Spondon)
Nov 19th - Bentinck MW (Kirkby in Ashfield)
Nov 24th - Top Spot (Carlton)
Nov 25th - Griff & Coton Sports Social Club (Nuneaton)
Nov 26th - Melton Mowbray RBL (Melton Mowbray)
Dec 3rd - The Bar (Beeston)
Dec 4th - Bedworth Liberal Club (Bedworth)
Dec 9th - Jessop Arms (Codnor)
Dec 10th - Sherwin Arms (Bramcote)
Dec 12th - Private Function (Heanor)
Dec 16th - The Lockstone (Long Eaton)
Dec 17th - The Wyggeston (Burton upon Trent)
Dec 23rd - Boot & Slipper (Swanwick)
Dec 24th - Equalized Club (Stapleford)
Dec 31st - Sileby WMC (Sileby)

Wildest Dream

Jan 6th - Ye Olde Flying Horse (Kegworth)
Jan 7th - The Villager (South Normanton)
Jan 12th - Manhattan's (Long Eaton)
Jan 13th - Nags Head & Plough (Stapleford)
Jan 14th - The Bank (Spondon)
Jan 21st - Private Function (Sawley)
Jan 22nd - Soldiers & Sailors (Sawley)
Jan 27th - The Cornmill (Chilwell)
Jan 28th - Boot & Slipper (Swanwick)
Feb 4th - Fife Street WMC (Nuneaton)
Feb 11th - Old Mill Club (Stapleford)
Feb 17th - Malt Shovel (Beeston)
Feb 18th - The Robin (Mickleover)
Feb 25th - The Villager (South Normanton)
Feb 27th - Half Crown (Long Eaton)
Mar 2nd - Griff & Coton Sports Club (Nuneaton)
Mar 3rd - Spondon Liberal Club (Spondon)
Mar 16th - Boot & Slipper (Swanwick)
Mar 17th - Eyres Monsell WMC (Leicester)
Mar 23rd - Turks Head (Castle Donington)
Mar 24th - Shirebrook British Legion (Shirebrook)
Mar 25th - Bedworth Liberal Club (Bedworth)
Mar 30th - Nags Head & Plough (Stapleford)
Mar 31st - Hen Lane & District Social Club (Coventry)
Apr 6th - The Chase Hotel (Nuneaton)
Apr 7th - Stockingford AA Pavilion (Nuneaton)
Apr 8th - Old Marina Bar & Restaurant (Shardlow)
Apr 13th - Jessop Arms (Codnor)
Apr 14th - Market Tavern (Sutton in Ashfield)
May 4th - The Bank (Spondon)
May 5th - The Midland (Stapleford)
May 6th - The Manor (Toton)
May 12th - Calverton WMC (Calverton)
May 18th - Bird in Hand (Measham)
May 19th - Intake Social Club (Doncaster)
May 25th - Private Function (Spondon)
May 26th - Equalized Club (Stapleford)
May 27th - Calverton Miners Welfare (Calverton)
Jun 1st - Private Function (Spondon)
Jun 2nd - Stadium Leisure (Basford)
Jun 3rd - Malt Shovel (Shardlow)
Jun 4th - The Tudor (Castle Donington)
Jun 15th - Malt Shovel (Beeston) (NG9 2LU)
Jun 16th - Bentinck MW (Kirkby in Ashfield)
Jun 22nd - Boot & Slipper (Swanwick)
Jun 23rd - Market Tavern (Sutton in Ashfield)
Jun 29th - White Lion (Sandiacre)
Jun 30th - The Villager (South Normanton)
Jul 13th - Starting Gate (Colwick)
Jul 14th - Private Function (Belper)
Jul 27th - Private Function (Dudley)
Jul 28th - The County Hotel (Immingham)
Jul 29th - The Three Tuns (Eastwood)
Aug 4th - White Hart (Lenton)
Aug 11th - Private Function (Long Eaton)
Aug 18th - The Bar (Beeston)
Aug 24th - Bird in Hand (Measham)
Aug 25th - Thurmaston Progressive WMC (Leicester)
Aug 26th - Bedworth Liberal Club (Bedworth)
Aug 27th - Soldiers & Sailors (Long Eaton)
Sep 1st - Private Function (Nuneaton)
Sep 2nd - Private Function (Leek)
Sep 7th - Nags Head & Plough (Stapleford)
Sep 8th - Boot & Slipper (Swanwick)
Sep 15th - Old Marina Bar & Restaurant (Shardlow)
Sep 21st - Narborough Arms (Leicester)
Sep 28th - Ye Olde Flying Horse (Kegworth)
Sep 29th - The Chequers Inn (Breaston)
Oct 5th - Stockingford AA Pavilion (Nuneaton)
Oct 13th - Private Function (Long Eaton)
Oct 14th - Bedworth Liberal Club (Bedworth)
Oct 19th - Garden City Tavern (Derby)
Oct 20th - The Midland (Stapleford)
Oct 26th - George & Dragon (Ashbourne)
Oct 27th - The Wyggeston (Burton upon Trent)
Nov 2nd - The Corn Mill (Chilwell)
Nov 3rd - White Hart (Lenton)
Nov 10th - Spondon Liberal Club (Spondon)
Nov 16th - Jessop Arms (Codnor)
Nov 17th - The Hawthorns (South Normanton)
Nov 23rd - Starting Gate (Colwick)
Nov 24th - Old Marina Bar & Restaurant (Shardlow)
Nov 30th - The Manor (Toton)
Dec 1st - The Villager (South Normanton)
Dec 7th - Griff & Coton Sports Club (Nuneaton)
Dec 8th - Old Mill Club (Stapleford)
Dec 14th - The Bank (Spondon)
Dec 15th - Bentinck MW (Kirkby in Ashfield)
Dec 16th - Bedworth Liberal Club (Bedworth)
Dec 21st - Boot & Slipper (Swanwick)
Dec 22nd - The Midland (Stapleford)
Dec 24th - The Chequers Inn (Breaston)
Dec 29th - The County Hotel (Immingham)
Dec 31st - The Beekeeper (Chilwell)

Jan 25th - Ye Olde Flying Horse (Kegworth)
Jan 26th - Windmill Club (Nuneaton)
Sat 2nd Feb - The Villager (South Normanton)
Feb 8th - Private Function (Nuneaton)
Feb 9th - West Park Leisure Centre (Long Eaton)
Feb 15th - Boot & Slipper (Swanwick)
Feb 16th - Corby Ex Servicemens Club (Corby)
Feb 22nd - Bird in Hand (Measham)
Mar 1st - Old Marina Bar & Restaurant (Shardlow)
Mar 2nd - Stockingford AA Pavilion (Nuneaton)
Mar 9th - The Hawthorns (South Normanton)
Mar 16th - The Chequers Inn (Breaston)
Mar 17th - Bedworth Liberal Club (Bedworth)
Mar 23rd - Market Tavern (Sutton in Ashfield)
Mar 29th - Private Function (Long Eaton)
Mar 30th - The Carousel (Bedworth)
Mar 31st - Old Marina Bar & Restaurant (Shardlow)
Apr 19th - The Bank (Spondon)
Apr 26th - Jessop Arms (Codnor)
Apr 27th - Narborough Arms (Leicester)
Apr 28th - Bedworth Liberal Club (Bedworth)
May 3rd - Nags Head & Plough (Stapleford)
May 10th - Griff & Coton Sports Club (Nuneaton)
May 11th - The Villager (South Normanton)
May 17th - Private Function (Long Eaton)
May 18th - The Grampian Club (Corby)
May 24th - Malt Shovel (Beeston)
May 25th - Spondon Conservative Club (Spondon)
May 27th - The Corn Mill (Chilwell)
May 31st - Ye Olde Flying Horse (Kegworth)
Jun 1st - Calverton WMC (Calverton)
Jun 7th - The Ram Inn (Ibstock)
Jun 8th - Sileby WMC (Sileby)
Jun 28th - Nags Head & Plough (Stapleford)
Jun 29th - Private Function (Draycott)
Jul 6th - Bentinck Miners Welfare (Kirkby in Ashfield)
Jul 12th - The Midland (Stapleford)
Jul 13th - The Merlin (Derby)
Jul 19th - Private Function (Dudley)
Jul 20th - Windmill Club (Nuneaton)
Jul 27th - The Beekeeper (Chilwell)
Jul 28th - Victoria Park (Ilkeston)
Aug 2nd - Private Function (Long Eaton)
Aug 3rd - Eyres Monsell WMC (Leicester)
Aug 9th - Jessop Arms (Codnor)
Aug 10th - Pittshill Victory Club (Stoke on Trent)
Aug 17th - Old Mill Club (Stapleford)
Aug 23rd - Nags Head & Plough (Stapleford)
Aug 24th - The Albany Club (Coventry)
Aug 25th - Bedworth Liberal Club (Bedworth)
Aug 26th - The Corn Mill (Chilwell)
Aug 30th - Private Function (Chiwell)
Aug 31st - The Villager (South Normanton)
Sep 6th - Bird in Hand (Measham)
Sep 13th - The Ram Inn (Ibstock)
Sep 14th - The Midland (Stapleford)
Sep 21st - Stadium Leisure (Basford)
Sep 28th - Stockingford AA Pavilion (Nuneaton)
Oct 5th - RHP Sports & Social Club (Newark)
Oct 12th - The Chequers Inn (Breaston)
Oct 19th - Hen Lane Social Club (Coventry)
Oct 25th - Old Marina Bar & Restaurant (Shardlow)
Oct 26th - The Wyggeston (Burton upon Trent)
Nov 1st - The Corn Mill (Chilwell)
Nov 2nd - Thurmaston Progressive WMC (Leicester)
Nov 3rd - Forest Town Welfare (Mansfield)
Nov 16th - The Midland (Stapleford)
Nov 17th - Soldiers & Sailors (Long Eaton)
Nov 23rd - The Greyhound (Derby)
Nov 28th - Market Place (Long Eaton)
Nov 29th - Market Place (Ilkeston)
Nov 30th - White Hart (Lenton)
Dec 1st - Private Function (Risley)
Dec 6th - Griff & Coton Sports Club (Nuneaton)
Dec 7th - The Villager (South Normanton)
Dec 12th - The Merlin (Derby)
Dec 13th - Nags Head & Plough (Stapleford)
Dec 14th - Bentinck Miners Welfare (Kirkby in Ashfield)
Dec 15th - Bedworth Liberal Club (Bedworth)
Dec 21st - Wilnecote WMC (Tamworth)
Dec 28th - The Midland (Stapleford)
Dec 31st - Windmill Club (Nuneaton)

Jan 11th - The Grampian Club (Corby)
Jan 18th - Narborough Arms (Leicester)
Jan 24th - Bird in Hand (Measham)
Jan 31st- 10th Anniversary show at Soldiers & Sailors (Long Eaton)
Feb 1st - Ball Haye Green Social Club (Leek)
Feb 14th - Malt Shovel (Beeston)
Feb 21st - The Tudor (Castle Donington)
Feb 22nd - The Plough Inn (Sandiacre)
Feb 28th - Malt Shovel (Shardlow)
Mar 1st - St John's Terrace WMC (Normanton - West Yorkshire)
Mar 2nd - Bedworth Liberal Club (Bedworth)
Mar 8th - Private Function
Mar 15th - Private Function (Eastwood)
Mar 22nd - The Villager (South Normanton)
Mar 28th - Nags Head & Plough (Stapleford)
Mar 29th- Smallthorne Victory Club (Stoke on Trent)
Apr 5th - Crofton WMC (Wakefield)
Apr 6th - Stumble Inn (Skegness)
Apr 11th - Griff & Coton Sports Club (Nuneaton)
Apr 12th - Hen Lane Social Club (Coventry)
Apr 13th - Warsop Ex-Servicemens Club (Warsop)
Apr 18th - Bird in Hand (Measham)
Apr 19th - Thurmaston Progressive WMC (Leicester)
Apr 20th - Heanor Town FC (Heanor)
Apr 21st - The Midland (Stapleford)
Apr 26th - Equalized Club (Stapleford)
May 3rd - The Wyggeston (Burton upon Trent)
May 10th - Cranmer Arms (Aslockton)
May 16th - B & S Sports Club (Pontefract)
May 17th - The Villager (South Normanton)
May 23rd - Malt Shovel (Beeston)
May 24th* - White Hart (Lenton)
*technically we never played, we watched football over-run till it was too late to perform
May 25th - Meir Social Club (Stoke on Trent)
May 26th - The Corn Mill (Chilwell)
June 7th - The Boundary (South Normanton)
June 20th - The Ram Inn (Ibstock)
June 21st - The Cricketers (Leicester)
June 27th - Belle Isle WMC (Leeds)
June 28th - Bentinck Miners Welfare (Kirkby in Ashfield)
July 4th - The Magpie (Stapleford)
July 5th - The Bar (Beeston)
July 12th - The Chequers Inn (Breaston)
July 26th - The Cricketers (Beeston)
Aug 1st - Harrow Inn (Boughton)
Aug 2nd - The Robin (Mickleover)
Aug 9th - Bloxwich Memorial Club (Walsall)
Aug 10th - Soldiers & Sailors (Long Eaton)
Aug 16th - The Villager (South Normanton)
Aug 22nd - Spondon Conservative Club (Spondon)
Aug 23rd - Boot & Slipper (Swanwick)
Aug 24th - Sunnyside Inn (Nuneaton)
Aug 25th - The Corn Mill (Chilwell)
Aug 30th - The Chase Hotel (Nuneaton)
Aug 31st - Bedworth Liberal Club (Bedworth)
Sep 13th - Baddeley Green Social Club (Stoke on Trent)
Sep 27th - The Plessey Club (Beeston)
Oct 4th - The Beekeeper (Chilwell)
Oct 10th - Hucknall Liberal Club (Hucknall)
Oct 17th - Harrow Inn (Boughton)
Oct 18th - White Lion (Sandiacre)
Oct 30th - Private Function (Chilwell)
Nov 1st - The Wyggeston (Burton upon Trent)
Nov 14th - The Magpie (Stapleford)
Nov 15th - 48's Bar & Grill (Spondon)
Nov 22nd - Equalized Club (Stapleford)
Nov 28th - Malt Shovel (Beeston)
Nov 29th - Windmill Club (Nuneaton)
Dec 5th - The Corn Mill (Chilwell)
Dec 6th - Bentinck Miners Welfare (Kirkby in Ashfield)
Dec 12th - Griff & Coton Sports Club (Nuneaton)
Dec 13th - The Villager (South Normanton)
Dec 19th - The Welby (Melton Mowbray)
Dec 20th - Thurmaston Progressive WMC (Leicester)
Dec 21st - Bedworth Liberal Club (Bedworth)
Dec 31st - Meir Social Club (Stoke on Trent)

Jan 4th - Malt Shovel (Shardlow)
Jan 10th - Sunnyside Inn (Nuneaton)
Jan 17th - The ram Inn (Ibstock)
Jan 31st - Chequers Inn (Breaston)
Feb 13th - Jessop Arms (Codnor)
Feb 14th - Bloxwich Memorial Club (Walsall)
Feb 27th - Nags Head & Plough (Stapleford)
Feb 28th - The Cricketers (Beeston)
Mar 6th - Griff & Coton Sports Club (Nuneaton)
Mar 7th - Private Function (Staveley)
Mar 28th - 48's Bar & Grill (Spondon)
Apr 4th - The Bar (Beeston)
Apr 5th - Crown & Arrows (Derby)
Apr 11th - The Boundary (South Normanton)
Apr 12th - Bedworth Liberal Club (Bedworth)
Apr 17th - Bird in Hand (Measham)
Apr 19th - Stumble Inn (Skegness)
Apr 25th - Blue Bell (Long Eaton)
May 9th - Private Function (Bristol)
May 16th - Pittshill Victory Club (Stoke on Trent)
May 23rd - Sunnyside Inn (Nuneaton)
May 24th - The Midland (Stapleford)
May 25th - The Corn Mill (Chilwell)
May 30 - Private Function (Derby)
May 31st - Stumble Inn (Skegness)
Jun 6th - Stadium Leisure (Basford)
Jun 7th - Malt Shovel (Shardlow)
Jun 12th - Urban Bar (Doncaster)
Jun 20th - Saffron Lane WMC (Leicester)
Jun 26th - Fieldhead Hotel (Markfield)
Jun 27th - Equalized Club (Stapleford)
Jul 4th - Private Function (Long Eaton)
Jul 10th - Harrow Inn (Boughton)
Jul 11th - Blue Bell (Long Eaton)
Jul 25th - Fife Street WMC (Nuneaton)
Aug 1st - White Lion (Sandiacre)
Aug 8th - Private Function (Long Eaton)
Aug 9th - Bedworth Liberal Club (Bedworth)
Aug 16th - Stumble Inn (Skegness)
Aug 21st - Old Comrades Club (Creswell)
Aug 22nd - Bentinck Miners Welfare (Kirkby in Ashfield)
Aug 29th - 48's Bar & Grill (Spondon)
Aug 30th - Sunnyside Inn (Nuneaton)
Aug 31st - The Corn Mill (Chilwell)
Sep 5th - Private Function (Nuneaton)
Sep 19th - Private Function (Ockbrook)
Sep 25th - White Hart (Tibshelf)
Sep 26th - Blue Bell (Long Eaton)
Oct 3rd - Queens Hotel (Rawmarsh)
Oct 10th - Ellistown WMC (Coalville)
Oct 23rd - V Bar (Mansfield)
Oct 24th - Royal Oak (Burton upon Trent)
Oct 30th - Man Of Iron (Stapleford)
Oct 31st - The Wyggeston (Burton upon Trent)
Nov 7th - Chequers Inn (Breaston)
Nov 13th - Spondon Liberal Club (Spondon)
Nov 14th - The Boundary (South Normanton)
Nov 21st - Blue Bell (Long Eaton)
Nov 27th - Griff & Coton Sports Club (Nuneaton)
Nov 28th - Spondon Conservative Club (Spondon)
Dec 5th - White Lion (Sandiacre)
Dec 11th - Harrow Inn (Boughton)
Dec 12th - Windmill Club (Nuneaton)
Dec 13th - Malt Shovel (Shardlow)
Dec 18th - The Corn Mill (Chilwell)
Dec 19th - Equalized Club (Stapleford)
Dec 31st - Sunnyside Inn (Nuneaton)

8th Jan - Maltby Progressive Club (Maltby)
9th Jan - Private Function (Nuneaton)
13th Feb - Chaddesden Jubilee Club (Chaddesden)
20th Feb - The Blue Bell (Sandiacre)
26th Feb - The Bar (Beeston)
27th Feb - Ellistown WMC (Coalville)
5th Mar - Lutterworth Social Club (Lutterworth)
12th Mar - Thurmaston Progressive WMC (Thurmaston)
26th Mar - The Duke William (Matlock)
2nd Apr - Fife Street WMC (Nuneaton)
15th Apr - Bird in Hand (Measham)
23rd Apr - Equalized Club (Stapleford)
30th Apr - The Chequers Inn (Breaston)
7th May - White Lion (Sandiacre)
14th May - George Street WMC (Hucknall)
28th May - The Duke William (Matlock)
29th May - The Corn Mill (Chilwell)
4th Jun - Monks Road WMC (Lincoln)
18th Jun - Saffron Lane WMC (Leicester)
24th Jun - Harrow Inn (Boughton)
25th Jun - Calverton WMC (Calverton)
9th Jul - Brooklands WMC (Rotherham)
14th Jul - Beeston Royal British Legion (Beeston)
16th Jul - The Villager (South Normanton)
23rd Jul - Co-Op Sports & Social Club (Nuneaton)
30th Jul - Bentinck Miners Welfare (Kirkby in Ashfield)
5th Aug - Tallington Lakes Leisure Park (Tallington)
6th Aug - White Lion (Sandiacre)
7th Aug - The Hop Pole (Beeston)
13th Aug - Jesters Bar (Mablethorpe)
20th Aug - Private Function (Long Eaton)
21st Aug - Chaddesden Jubilee Club (Chaddesden)
26th Aug - Bird in Hand (Measham)
27th Aug - The Chequers Inn (Breaston)
3rd Sep - Newcastle WMC (Newcastle under Lyme)
17th Sep - Chapletown WMC (Sheffield)
23rd Sep - Soldiers & Sailors (Long Eaton)
24th Sep - The Blue Bell (Sandiacre)
30th Sep - Belle Isle WMC (Leeds)
15th Oct - Stadium Leisure (Basford)
21st Oct - Bird in Hand (Measham)
22nd Oct - Willow Tree (West Bridgford)
28th Oct - CJ's Bar & Restaurant (Nuneaton)
29th Oct - Beeston Royal British Legion
5th Nov - The Duke William (Matlock)
12th Nov - Private Function (Chesterfield)
25th Nov - Private Function (Belper)
26th Nov - Windmill Club (Nuneaton)
2nd Dec - CJ's Bar & Restaurant (Nuneaton)
3rd Dec - Equalized Club (Stapleford)
9th Dec - Tallington Lakes Leisure Park (Tallington)
10th Dec - Private Function (Carlton)
16th Dec - Griff & Coton Sports Club (Nuneaton)
17th Dec - The Chequers Inn (Breaston)
23rd Dec - The Corn Mill (Chilwell)
30th Dec - Malt Shovel (Beeston)
31st Dec - Fife Street WMC (Nuneaton)

Sat 7th Jan - Grimethorpe WMC (Barnsley)
Sat 14th Jan - Hasland WMC (Chesterfield)
Sat 21st Jan - Henlane Social Club (Coventry)
Sat 28th Jan - Blue Bell Inn (Long Eaton)
Sat 18th Feb - Wilnecote WMC (Tamworth)
Sun 19th Feb - Robin Hood (Sherwood)
Sat 25th Feb - Private Function
Fri 3rd Mar - CJ's (Nuneaton)
Sat 4th Mar - Top Spot (Carlton)
Sat 11th Mar - Farm Road Social Club
Sat 18th Mar - The Magpie (Stapleford)
Sat 1st Apr - Bentinck Miners Welfare (Kirkby in Ashfield)
Fri 7th Apr - Old Comrades Club (Creswell)
Sat 8th Apr - The Gate Inn (Loscoe)
Sat 15th Apr - The Red Lion (Earl Shilton)
Fri 28th Apr - Malt Shovel (Beeston)
Sat 29th Apr - Sunnyside Inn (Nuneaton)
Sat 13th May - Spondon Liberal Club (Spondon)
Sat 27th May - Hanover Arms (Leeds)
Sat 28th May - Birdseye Club (Grimsby)
Mon 29th May - Plough & Arrow (Hucknall)
Sat 3rd Jun - Intake Social Club (Doncaster)
Sat 10th Jun - The Chequers Inn (Breaston)
Sat 24th Jun - Chaddesden Jubilee Club (Chaddesden)
Thu 29th Jun - Richmond Holiday Centre (Skegness)
Fri 30th Jun - The Corn Mill (Chilwell)
Sat 8th Jul - Newcastle WMC (Newcastle-under-Lyme)
Fri 14th Jul - Old Thatched Inn (Stanton under Bardon)
Sat 15th Jul - Chapeltown WMC (Sheffield)
Sat 22nd Jul - Ferrers Arms (Derby)
Sat 29th Jul - The Red Lion (Earl Shilton)
Sun 30th Jul - Robin Hood (Sherwood)
Sat 5th Aug - Private Function (Iiam)
Sat 12th Aug - Hasland WMC (Chesterfield)
Sat 26th Aug - The Bar (Beeston)
Sun 27th Aug - Sunnyside Inn (Nuneaton)
Mon 28th Aug - The Corn Mill (Chilwell)
Fri 1st Sep - Malt Shovel (Beeston)
Sat 2nd Sep - Blue Bell Inn (Long Eaton)
Sat 9th Sep - Windmill Club (Nuneaton)
Sat 23rd Sep - Henlane Social Club (Coventry)
Sat 30th Sep - The Red Lion (Earl Shilton)
Fri 13th Oct - Soldiers and Sailors (Long Eaton)
Sat 14th Oct - Hucknall Constituional Club (Hucknall)
Sat 21st Oct - The Gate Inn (Loscoe)
Fri 27th Oct - The Tattershall (Lincoln)
Fri 3rd Nov - Private Function
Sat 11th Nov - Birdseye Club (Grimsby) (DN32 9SF)
Sat 18th Nov - The Ram Inn (Ibstock)
Sat 25th Nov - Bentinck Miners Welfare (Kirkby in Ashfield)
Fri 1st Dec - Tallington Lake Leisure Park (Tallington)
Sat 2nd Dec - The Chequers Inn (Breaston)
Sat 9th Dec - Blue Bell Inn (Long Eaton)
Sat 16th Dec - Windmill Club (Nuneaton)
Fri 22nd Dec - Griff & Coton Sports Club (Nuneaton)
Sat 23rd Dec - Fife Street WMC (Nuneaton)

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