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"We make our way back down stairs and onto our stage area and prepared ourselves to do the complete opposite of "doctor's orders". I picked up my guitar and for the first time felt what it was like to be a rockstar...... drugged up to the eyeballs and a sore nose that felt like it had suffered from years of cocaine abuse...still, the show must go on."
- On playing a gig with the flu.

"Roads are blocked, people are spending the night in a steel igloo on wheels. Airports are closed, trains are cancelled. No journey should be made unless absolutely necessary. So...The view out of my window should a cold white one...correct? No. To be honest I have seen more snow during an episode of "A place in the sun". You'd be hard pushed to even go as far to call it "frosty"."
- On Britain at standstill in the snow.

"There's always someone who can't taste the dinner one has slaved away for hours in the kitchen preparing, always one who will fall asleep during "Moonraker", always one who has to mix copious amounts of alcohol with prescribed medication... and I'm sure there are no cocktails which include Baileys, Tia Maria and Tamiflu."
- On being ill at Christmas.

"Fortunately my dad had returned home from work earlier than expected meaning he would lead the way in the car. We had no sat nav, no maps, nothing. We were relying purely on "dad wisdom". Naturally we got lost."
- On having to take a diversion to a gig.

"Around the corner was another poster, this one said "September". Aha! There we go...Sunday 4th September.....quiz. We had found our answer and it confirmed our fears. It was at this moment another woman came to deal with us... "You didn't get the message did you?" I think if you mean the message which said "Cancelled" then the fact we are standing here says no."
- On turning up to a cancelled gig.

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