Edd and Terry formed a duo by almost accident in 2003...currently in a four piece band struggling to break into the holy grail of the music scene, they decided to perform an acoustic show at a fair in Belper, Derbyshire...a few miles from where they regularly practiced. The gig went well, and running on a high they decided to take a wander into a local pub to try and get a gig for the band. Unfortunately this wasn't do-able due to various constraints, but rather than lose a gig they proposed a duo playing acoustic versions of rock songs. Interested, the landlord booked them for January 2004.

The day of the first gig came and contrary to the original plan, turned up with electric guitars, amps, and a number of backing tracks they'd made themselves...and a name: "Wrathchild". The bar was packed full of bikers and rockers, which, given the material...was a good thing. An evening of Iron Maiden, Led Zeppelin, Metallica and the like was belted out and the gig was an overwhelming success which resulted in a number of bookings back at the place.

The band slowly faded away as the other members weren't interested in following this new direction which left the two of them time to concentrate solely on Wrathchild. After blowing people away with their audition to join an agency, the bookings soon began coming in and their reputation quickly spread being totally unique to the pub and club circuit... Yes there were bands doing it, but not a single duo doing this sort of material...which enabled smaller venues to get something different to the "run-of-the-mill" act.
Whilst it wasn't easy as many venues turned them down saying "you need a band for rock music", eventually they managed to forge a place in the market for themselves by producing a show more dynamic and varied than most bands could achieve.

The years passed and Wrathchild went from strength to strength gaining many fans, and increasing their gig diary year after year. A number of other acts began to see this gap in the market which Wrathchild managed to create and also formed similar acts as people were asking for acts "like Wrathchild".
Often imitated, but never duplicated, sometimes risking life and limb all in the name of entertainment...they understood that a live performance is much more than singing and playing in time and in tune...there's a big visual element; As a number of venues have said: "No one puts more into it than them"...blood, sweat and tears.

At the beginning of 2012 Wrathchild changed their name due to legal reasons as a band from the 80's of the same name reformed causing confusion for fans of both acts. Following their roots, they took their name from the same place as they did the first time and came up with "Wildest Dream". A name which fitted better with the musical direction they wanted to take...and so begins a new chapter.

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