Wildest Dream are a formidable live act made up of two very different parts...Edd and Terry. They make no attempt to be the loudest, heaviest band around...that's not what they're about. A Wildest Dream gig is a party, it's about forgetting the blues and the daily grind and having a good time. They play like their lives depend on it...whether it's to one man and his dog (it did happen) or to 600 people...the effort is the same 100 percent.
These two have a chemistry like no other act... without even seeing each other they naturally know what the other is doing, and communicate with each other by eyes alone. Two very different individuals...but like Gin and Tonic, or Jack and Coke...when combined create something much greater than the sum of it's parts.

Now let's take a look at the individuals:

I first started performing and writing songs aged 12,
forming my first band in 1997 with friends from school.
During this time I played many different genres: folk, rock,
metal, jazz and opera. Fascinated by singers such
as Journey's Steve Perry and Iron Maiden's Bruce
Dickinson, I knew that to have any chance of being
able to sing like them I'd need some serious vocal training,
and this meant classical training mixed with modern rock
singing techniques which helped me gain a 4-octave
workable vocal range.

In 2002 my band "Route 706" which featured my brother on
drums had our best moment performing at the Pentrich Rock
& Blues Custom festival. Finding members with the same
commitment as my brother and I was proving difficult. With a
revolving door of bass players and a lack of venues allowing
you to perform original material. It was around this time Terry
was drafted into the band. Terry, a strange guy who would
communicate through e-mail but had commitment and was good
at manipulating technology. However, in order to get gigs we had to
add in a few cover songs into our set, but this didn't go down too well with other members who felt it was "selling out". It was then that "Wrathchild" was born... We could produce our own backing tracks and perform live,never being let down by other members again.

With many, many gigs under my belt from McDonalds to Donington and a few in between, I feel confident performing but I do miss my brother behind me (playing the drums that is). I was shocked by the support we got for "Wrathchild" over the years, and now with a new name "Wildest Dream" I look forward to some new original songs...as well as performing the rock classics.

Favourite guitarist/Singer:

I don't do the favourite game. There is a lot of talent out there and I get influence from all of them whether it is rock or jazz.

Biggest musical inspiration:
Probably Whitesnake, although not conciously trying, I am told a lot of my style and phrasing is reminiscent of David Coverdale.

First gig:
A Deep Purple tribute act at the Vic Inn in Derby. I was astounded by the great vocals on "Child in time" and guitar work on "Speed king". They made me want to perform, and after this I was hooked on bands such as Iron Maiden, Whitesnake and Led Zeppelin.

Biggest hate about the music industry:
It has to be auto-tune. If someone can't sing in tune they shouldn't be on stage, simple.

What is in the future:
Not standing still, constantly improving, evolving, and having a good time.

On Terry:
We don't talk much, it's more just a look that can tell it all.

After years of spending my weekends tearing up a race track and
weekdays spent honing my skills to be an artist/graphic designer
whilst listening to my appauling taste in music I eventually bought
an album which would change my life forever...Nirvana's
"Nevermind". This album practically taught me how to play guitar.
I would sit for hours in my room learning to play every song.

A few months later after dropping out of an art and graphic
design course I followed my dreams of becoming a guitarist.
It was during this period I met a strange character with
whom I developed a love/hate relationship with.
This person's name was Edd Smith.

Edd introduced me to Iron Maiden and Whitesnake...
and from that moment I never looked back and
continued to divulge in my new found passion for
80's rock. Whilst playing in Edd's band we started to
form an act which would be known as Wrathchild...
I guess the rest, as they say "is history".

Favourite guitarist:

If I had to say one it would be a guy who lives, breathes, sleeps and drinks rock and roll...Heaven's Basement's Sid Glover. There are so many great guitarists and people would expect me to say a technical genius like Hendrix, Steve Vai or Eddie Van Halen. There are many guitarists who have some jaw-dropping technical skills...but they're ten a penny nowadays, they all sound the same to me. Sid Glover is not the greatest guitarist in the world, but is brilliant at what he does. There's no gimmicks, no sweep picking, no two handed tapping which many rely on...he just plays. There's no playing by numbers, it's all from his heart. He plays every single note like his life depends on it...that's something I admire.

Favourite singer:
Now this is very difficult, as it largely depends on musical style. Generally I prefer female vocalists...even in rock music, and one of the strongest in my opinion is Lzzy Hale from Halestorm. She has both the vulnerability and raw angst of Pink, but combined with the lung power of Christina Aguilera thus producing tones which softly lull you in before unleashing venom and ripping your face off.

Biggest musical inspiration:
It may have been Nirvana that "taught me" to play, but it was Metallica who most inspired my style of playing.

First gig:
Whitesnake, supported by Gary Moore, and Y&T.

If you could play another musical instrument what would it be?
This will come as a big surprise, and a huge irony to anyone that reads our newsletters....Drums.

Song you wish you'd written:
Apart from the obvious i.e. songs which made the writer a fortune, I'd say Loverboy's "The one that got away". In contrast to other songs of that title, you are the one that got away, not the other party. A lyrically brilliant tune with lines such as "I hope you think of me when you're all by yourself, I hope you scream my name when you're with someone else". The melody and chord sequence of the song melts me... but the other reason I wish I'd written it is because I'd have come up with a better guitar solo than what was recorded, it was crying out for a facemelting solo!

Song you refuse to play:
Anything by Oasis.

Favourite bands:
Reckless Love, Steel Panther, Heaven's Basement, Halestorm, The Dirty Youth, Within Temptation, Lacuna Coil, Poison, Motley Crue, Metallica, Whitesnake, Kiss.

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